Winners Do What Successful People Do.

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Do What Successful People Do.

When you begin your journey of building your list my strong recommendation is that you do what successful people do. Here at Rainmaker Lifestyle a key to success for us long term will be how good we get at building an email list. This is not the time to reinvent the wheel, what we need to do is emulate those who are already successful. They have got there by following systems that work and it is important we do the same.

If the first question is “why would someone want to join my list?” The answer is always the same, we must continually provide solutions to problems these clients have. We must make sure every word we say or write to our clients has one purpose and one purpose only and that is providing information, products or services that are geared towards benefitting them Period.

If you find that statement daunting take a moment to think about what you don’t want from someone writing to you. I don’t know about you, but I am reasonably certain that you like me don’t want to be sold to. Yes, I am happy to buy things that will solve a problem, things that will make my life easier BUT I do not want to feel that they only want to sell me something. I do not want to feel like I am being sold I want to feel like someone is taking the time to find a solution, a way to make my life easier. So if you want to be a success, do what successful people do!

So, step one for us at Rainmaker Lifestyle on how building an email list is a key to success is to provide solutions to problems by listening to your market, your potential clients and if you respond with information that helps solve problems you will be seen as a leader with authority instead of a sleezy salesman. Trust is earned not given, to build trust you must make a connection each time you communicate with your subscribers.

Do what successful people do and generate what I call the Rainmaker Lifestyle you must like what you are doing and follow what successful people do, like the clients you are trying to help, serve them like a loyal friend who goes out of your way to help, not because that is how you make money but because you genuinely want them to succeed or solve a problem.

When you get this right, they will begin to like you because your desire is follow what successful people do and have the same wellbeing and success. I am writing this article as a touchstone so that I can connect with you my potential client and I want to show you the same love to you and all those on my list as if you were my family and friends.  I want you to read my emails and make you feel like I’m talking directly to you. I want you to do what successful people do.

what successful people do

Step two for us at Rainmaker Lifestyle on how building an email list is a key to success is to treat them with respect and talk to them as if you are talking to a new friend, in other words do what successful people do. You do this by sharing a photo of yourself or the family. Show them images and videos of the area, city, and country you live in. People want to deal with people they know and not some obscure distant person that they have never heard of and cannot relate to. Tell them about you and why you started an online business.

This article is all about showing you how to connect and how you can become someone people like to receive emails from. Do not make yourself out to be something you are not; people would rather have a real but flawed person than someone who portrays themselves as someone they want to be but are not. Do what successful people do!

You will hopefully see in the way I write that I am not just providing you with information but that I want you to join me on this journey towards a different life and as such you will see more than just the system needed to achieve those goals, I want you to become a part of my team, someone who will be encouraged as I journey on this new adventure.

Together we shall become successful by doing what successful people do, to whatever level of success you want, my goals will be different to your goals, but the success will be the same as those goals are achieved.

Occasionally give away helpful, informative, valuable content that actually solves your subscribers’ problems. After all, isn’t that the goal of a business like Rainmaker Lifestyle to build an email list as a key to its success so that by providing a valuable product or service it eventually receives in exchange an income through sales that helps it continually provide them these in a profitable manner.

The headline for this article is “When in doubt do what successful people do”, which means you need to follow and do what other successful people and marketers do to find value to share by getting on their email lists in your chosen niche. I personally am on about 20 lists of people in the “Home Based Business Industry and Internet Marketing” with being on so many quality lists I always have great value to share with you.

Find a way to earn trust by giving high value information people are looking for, so you can sell to them in the future. In addition, you’ve got to keep yourself at the top of their mind. If not you who? If you are not at the top of their thinking when they are ready to buy, they’re going to go looking for other solutions, spot another website, and buy from someone else.

You’ve likely heard this before, but I’ll repeat it anyways just in case. Most customers require 7-12 exposures to your products or services before they’re going to make a purchase. They’re going to need to hear from you MULTIPLE times before they’re going to take out that credit card for you.
This is especially true if they don’t know or trust you yet.

Sorry guys, this article has got too long again, time to stop here and encourage you to join me in part four Which Niche is right for you.

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