Tools To Succeed with List Building

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Now, let’s talk about some of the tools you’re going to need for your list building. I want to keep this simple and not overwhelm you. Tool number one is an auto-responder which enables emails to be collected, increasing your list building which is the key element for your list building efforts, and for you to send automated emails to your new subscribers.


The very first thing that you’re absolutely going to need for list building is a good, reliable auto- responder. There are a bunch of different kinds out there and yes I have one I use but I am not trying to sell you anything here so I am not going to promote one over another but if you want some advice on what I am using for my list building, contact me at via email and I’ll let you know what I am using.

Inside the email list building system I do promote it has your “Done For You Home Based Business Funnel” that has a fully integrated auto-responder so free fee to check that out here. Remember I said building a list is as simple as
1) Pick your niche –
2) Set up a squeeze page
3) Offer a free gift
4) Set up a sales funnel

That said- I HIGHLY recommend that you stay away from most of the “free” services for your list building efforts. Remember that nothing in life is truly free. Even though you may not pay a dime for them, you may be paying for your list building in terms of horrible reliability, bad inbox deliverability time wasted, lost income and who knows what else.

The guys over at Email Tool Tester have actually done a great explainer video walking you through what your ideal email provider should have; They also have a great article to accompany the video – The 13 Best Email Marketing Services



Now, the next thing that you’re going to need and something essential for list building is a good, reliable hosting provider.
As your audience grows, you’ll want to ensure you have an easy to use platform, with great segmenting and automation tools.

Domain Name

Now, the next thing that you’re going to need is a domain name. This is your address on the busy streets of the internet. Without one, how in the world are customers supposed to find you? A domain is the nucleus to starting your business online, building your brand, and your empire. Obviously, this can be just about anything you want, but it should be related to your niche and what you have to offer.

Having a website like “” is a bit silly if your business is about helping stay at home mothers with their vegetable gardens. However if you want to give tips about gardening to your subscribers, a domain name you could go with is something like Johns Gardening Tips. com. Anyone who sees this has a clear view of what the site is all about, right? It’s some guy named John who is sharing gardening tips. Easy!!

Squeeze Page

Through the discovery process of putting the key to success in place for Rainmaker Lifestyle I quickly realized the next thing that you’re going to need for list building is a squeeze page. This is the page where you’re going to send your visitors so they can signup to your list. You can make your own if you know HTML or you can make it easy on yourself and use a tool.

Nowadays, you don’t have anything like that kind of learning curve. Platforms like Leadpages or Clickfunnels do all the heavy lifting for you. You literally add text & images and drag and drop boxes into position and boom a beautiful looking landing page is created!

There are, as with autoresponders, a multitude of choices available to you though and once again you just have to do a bit of research and decide which is best for you. But before you head off to drag & drop to your heart’s content, it’s important to know the most important elements of a landing page so you can create something that converts visitors into an email subscriber. As, I said above platforms like Leadpages make it easy for you and offer conversion optimized templates for you to personalize.

List Building

The 7 Components of a High Converting Landing Page:


1. Specific Headline

This is critical! All the time, I see people using really vague headlines which don’t tell me exactly what I am going to get. Look at your lead magnet and ask yourself what problem are you solving? The secret is to get specific, for example;

  • 25 blog headlines that will increase your readership today
  • 10 ways to do SEO in 5 minutes a day
  • Lose 10 pounds in 7 days

Your landing page headline needs to succinctly offer a specific solution to a problem, so that a visitor will look at it and think, ‘This is exactly what I am going to get.’ 

Specificity sells! Be sure to test different headlines to see what works in your niche (and what doesn’t!)

Other very specific examples
2. An image/video showing a visitor what they will get

An image tells a thousand words! Years ago, images outperformed videos almost every time. Nowadays studies all over the web prove that video increases conversion rates. BUT it is worth testing and measuring in your own niche. To get going, start with an image and then when you’re ready add video and see if it gives your page a boost!

3. Add benefit-driven bullet points

Your landing page bullet points need to be benefit-driven, NOT feature-driven. Drive home the benefits someone will get from receiving your free gift and signing up to your email list, for example;

  • ‘Diet book with 25 recipes’ could become ’25 recipes that will help you shed 10 pounds in a week.’
  • ’10 expert SEO tactics’ could become ’10 SEO techniques that will generate over a thousand new visitors to your blog every day’

See the difference?

4. Opt-in button

I’m a real advocate of playing with the wording on this button. You don’t have to stick to ‘Submit’ or ‘Opt-in’. I like injecting a little personality. ‘Yes I want in! Give me my free gift.’ or, ‘Yes John, can’t wait to download my free Ebook!

Feel free to play with the text on your opt-in button and, as before, test and measure to see which one gets you higher opt-ins. And lastly, add a ‘spam notice’ message under the opt-in button, e.g., ‘We will not share or sell your email address.’ It’s important to reassure people that they won’t regret giving you their email address.

5. Add ‘social proof’

In an ideal world, it would be great to add testimonials at the bottom of your landing page from people who have already downloaded your freebie and signed up to your email list. Social proof is huge in this day and age!

6. Create your Thank You Page

Unfortunately, your landing page is only one piece of the puzzle, two hugely important elements that directly follow the landing page are the thank you page your visitor lands on after leaving their email address and the first email you follow up with.

7. Create the first follow up email in your email platform.

As soon as your visitor has entered their email and viewed your thank you page, your email platform will now do its job (because you told it to) of sending out that all-important first email.

But what should be in that first email to a), get them to open it & b), get them to open more! Here’s an example of the first email subscribers receive when they sign up to an ebook; 

Hey *|FNAME|*,

Thank you so much for requesting your free ebook;

After 30 years of being involved with the running and developing of a number of businesses both for myself and in association with friends and clients , it’s now my mission to arm action takers like you with the knowledge, tools, strategies & inspiration to build your own lifestyle business you can run from anywhere in the world, even your kitchen table.

By lifestyle business, I mean turning your passions into profits and spending your days doing something that you love and that funds your ideal lifestyle, whatever that means to you.

I would welcome the opportunity to get to know you better and to hear what your plans, goals & dreams are and more importantly how I can help you to achieve them.

As you can see from above the email relates to my experiences and my knowledge, don’t try to be someone you are not. For me my business involvements we off-line brick and mortar businesses so while I have a great deal of life experience and knowledge in those areas, this transition to a purely online business is still a learning curve.