The Niche that is Right for Me

Table of Contents

Making the Big Decision.

You have made the big decision that you want to start your own home based business and that decision is going to be life changing. Now you must ask yourself, which is the niche that is right for me. Your only limitation of where your business can end up is your desire and determination to follow through on the systems that you will have in place to achieve your goals.

The three main niches are health, wealth, and relationships. All other niches are sub-niches of the niche or niches mentioned, with some being very specialized and narrow in focus and quite simply we do not recommend starting narrow unless you have outside income sources which allow you the time to develop those.

At Rainmaker Lifestyle I have chosen to place my business in the niche I consider to be the best for my needs, the wealth niche as a key to success that will release the lifestyle that I have set for myself. Within the niche I have chosen are two companies that I will be using as my partners to achieve the goals I have set. The first is a company called Raising Royalty which is a Christian Business that aligns with my Christian values and has built its own platform to provide Christian content as well as a business that will change the way we have traditionally done business.

The second company is they have established a Costco style membership where you can purchase gold and silver at the wholesale rate. This enables ordinary people like you and me to buy and sell gold and silver in small lots. If you refer people they will pay you.

Breaking into The Niche of your choice.

I am sure you are just like me, there has to be a way to break into the niche of your choice in an automated way that is cost effective because I don’t have the time to build a network and an email list as a key to my success fulltime balanced by my determination not to spend large amounts of money. In part three we said do what the successful do, copy them and even join them because they can help you achieve your dreams. This is not about their dreams and goals but yours, so we leverage their systems to build ours.

the niche

Building Your Email List.

Here is the system that I have chosen to help me build my email list in the niche of my choice, it comes with a full system including funnels that lead my potential clients to a place they want to join me. What I love about this system is that it is so affordable, $7.00 for a fully automated list building machine and all the back office systems are built and all I need to do is follow their system. In the next section we will be talking about tools we need, and this system is one of those tools, so please check it out here.

When deciding the niche that was best for Rainmaker Lifestyle, I looked at the niche or niches above to choose which suited my needs. To succeed all you need is people and as mentioned above if you stick to one of the three main niches you will find millions of people just like you and me. The first thing I want to make clear is that if you spend too much time on this step, you’ll never make it to step 2. Literally millions of people are looking to work from home and that is why I recommend the niche that I chose.

Desperate for Help.

My attitude has always been to help people to get their dreams and they will move heaven and earth to help you to help them. My point is that you want to get into a market with people who are DESPERATE for help. For some people, they may need to make a little more money each month to cover the bills. Others may have some marriage issues and are facing a possible divorce if things don’t change. They feel DESPERATE.
Tens of millions of people are struggling with their weight, and despite trying every diet under the sun they just can’t keep the pounds off. Again, they feel DESPERATE.

There are three main reasons why we want to get into these markets:
1) They’re HUGE (millions and millions of people)
2) They’re desperate (as we discussed earlier)
3) There are dozens of possible solutions (meaning more products you can make and promote).

Finally, you may offer higher-priced coaching or mentorship programs for implementing exercise and stress relief into their busy lives. But there’s just a little bit more to choosing the niche of your choice, than picking something in one of these markets. To be successful, you can’t be a small fish in a big ocean.
Instead, try to be the niche big fish in a small pond.

Break the Niche Down

How many generic weight loss products and programs are out there? If I had to guess, I’d say it’s in the THOUSANDS.
Think about all of the products out there:
● Exercise programs (calisthenics, kettlebells, circuit training, etc.)
● Diets (low- carb, low-calorie, based on your blood type, etc.)
● Fat burning pills
There is so much noise out there, you need to do something that makes you stand out in the marketplace. The best way to do that- especially when you’re first starting out, is to specialize in a certain area.

One of my favorite marketers says to “niche it down” three times. So, that might look like this:
1. Weight loss
2. Weight loss for men
3. Weight loss for men in just 7 minutes a day 3x a week
4. Weight loss for men over 40 in just 7 minutes a day 3x a week
Do you see how that worked? So instead of just trying to reach everyone who wants to lose weight, you’re trying to just help the men over 40 who want to burn fat by implementing high intensity short duration workouts.

The Niche it all Down method.

If you’re a guy over 40 who loves the idea of getting your results fast, this will be PERFECT for you! That is how you pick the niche that is best. You want the audience to feel like the product or service you’re promoting is 100%, without a doubt, designed to help them with their problems. Only then will you be able to establish yourself as an expert and build a trusting, loyal audience.
So to sum it up: Just as Rainmaker Lifestyle is focused on how building an email list is a key to success you too need to ensure that it is your main focus so follow the steps below:

1) Pick a major market (health, wealth or relationships)
2) “Niche it down” three times
3) Confirm that there is a sizable market (a.k.a. you’re not too specific)
Once you’ve picked the niche, it’s time to get all of the tools you’ll need for building a list.