Rainmaker Lifestyle – First steps to successful List Building

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Rainmaker Lifestyle – First Steps to Successful List Building

Trust is the foundation of your list.

The first and ultimately the most important thing we need to understand if we hope to be good at successful list building is that it is a process. Like every process it has a system that builds upon the completion of the previous step yet if we are all honest with ourselves, we want the end before the beginning, meaning we want the list that produces the income stream we all desire and we want it NOW!

So, we need to take a step back and be both honest and realistic with ourselves, why should this potential client join my email list? If I was them, would I sign up based on the request to join that was presented to me? If yes to both questions what would my expectations be once, I had joined up?   

Having asked these two questions and established in our own minds why we would consider joining this email list if the request was put before us now, we need to begin the systematic building of an email list, a key to success, for both the present and our future.

When I started this process of creating an online business I had to decide where Rainmaker Lifestyle and I wanted to go. Impatience can be one of my biggest flaws, I want something, but I want it now. The famous line from a movie can sum up where we are now “You can’t handle the truth”.  The truth is we are not yet ready to have the email list that will change our lives, whether it’s a list of a 1,000 or a list of 20,000 but when we follow the processes, the system, we will be.

Rainmaker Lifestyle

An expert is simply someone who learns and grows, continuing to do so until the point is reached when they can do tasks and grasp concepts as easily as breathing. It is no longer something we work at it is simply something we do. Even as you read that sentence you were breathing in and out without having to give it a second thought, yet you did it anyway.

The decision having now been made, the goal is that Rainmaker Lifestyle building an email list as a key to success must be, and I stress MUST, its single most disciplined area for all future actions. If Rainmaker Lifestyle is to become someone our clients would consider as an expert in our field, someone whose advice they can trust and most importantly of all someone who will always seek to put them, the client, first.

They want to know, and I certainly want to know, that the person I have invested in and sought their advice from will recommend products or services I need and that they will provide a solution to my needs. Alongside that I need to know that they will not recommend anything that is not firstly and lastly beneficial to me. Every dollar I spend with them has cost me both time and effort and I need to know that they understand that and respect that always.

The expert has learned that a successful list is all about having a good relationship and trust with the people on their list. They focus on influence. They focus on getting to know those people. Not numbers. Influence, engagement, and trust is the real marker of success.

When I refer to influence and trust as a business owner, what I mean is:
1. Your subscribers open most of your Rainmaker Lifestyle emails.
2. Your subscribers actually read the Rainmaker Lifestyle emails- they don’t open it up just to delete it!
3. They act on what Rainmaker Lifestyle recommends or teaches them
4. They buy stuff from you (or products you recommend as a Rainmaker Lifestyle affiliate)
5. They beg you to put out more Rainmaker Lifestyle products that they can buy.
6. They help you learn the market by telling you what they need when you ask questions.
7. When they meet you in person, they will say they consider you Rainmaker Lifestyle family.

In Part Three we look at the system, the processes that will enable us to begin the journey to build that email list.

What if a new pier to pier list building method was offered to allow you to build a qualified list of buyers with the help of 3 people, 10 people, or even 100 other people, speeding up your list building time significantly, decreasing your overall costs, and increasing your financial gain almost immediately! It takes all that I am showing you and puts it on steroids so take a look.