Rainmaker Lifestyle – Building an Email List Key to Success

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Rainmaker Lifestyle - How Building an Email List is a Key to Success.

Rainmaker Lifestyle and How Building an Email List is a Key to Success

I consider myself an average ordinary everyday person who loves the interaction and the instant updating that social media brings but I easily get distracted, television and social media have reduced my attention span to probably 8-10 minutes before I start opening other tabs on the computer, tablet or more commonly today my phone. When I started to write this article it was always my intention to write it as a series of articles because there is simply just too much information that needs to be shared to do it justice in a single article. The plan was to write a two-thousand-word article to be followed up with a series of additional articles with word counts around eight hundred words but having sat down to write this article I realize that if I am honest with myself two thousand words is just too big of a read for me and if it’s too big a read for me it will probably be too big for most other people in a world that is so busy, and where everybody is vying for my and your attention.

The new plan is….

The new plan is that I am now going to reduce the initial article to somewhere around the one-thousand-word mark and publish part two at the same time so that those who want more can read part one and two together while others will read part one and hopefully if they enjoy the article, they will read part two later. So, let us begin the journey of “How building an email list is a key to success.

When we consider an email compared to the instant response of social media if we are honest, it can feel like it is boring and old fashioned, even no longer relevant.  Yet the truth is a long way away from that thinking because a high-quality email is a key to your online success. Building an email list continues to be a vital element of your marketing strategy.

New Faster and More Efficient Ways to Communicate.

It seems every day there is a new faster and more efficient way to communicate with our customers and without doubt, the communication landscape is changing rapidly. The way we interact with brands and businesses has resulted in us using social media more and more these days rather than via email.

One of the biggest problems with social media, however, is the very thing which attracts us to it, the instant nature, and the ability to interact in a moment with our customer or potential customer. Put simply we as the viewer on social media are flooded with ever increasing and more sophisticated attention-grabbing media without realizing it, we become overwhelmed and actually disconnected with the provider of the service or product being promoted.  There is so much information and interaction being pushed at us that we can completely lose the connection and loyalty with a brand or service that we no longer feel like they are someone that demands our ongoing loyalty. We are constantly being pushed towards our next fix to meet whatever emotional need their marketing has triggered in us.

Success in the Long Term

If we want to succeed in the long term, we must make our clients feel that as customers they are more than just a dollar value item in some backroom accounting system that has set KPI’s that we the customer are called to meet. I for one never want to be someone’s KPI I want to feel valued, and I want to feel appreciated, encouraged, and recognized. That means I want to be seen for me as an individual customer and person not some sales target to be marketed to. 

The solution to achieving the goal of connecting and developing a long-term relationship for any business with their customer is that boring old-fashioned email. Even, a weekly email from a favoured brand is a good reminder sometimes that we haven’t caught up with them for a while and will encourage us to go and check out what they’re up to. In addition, if they’ve just released a great blog post or podcast or piece of content that would totally pique our interest, we may not hear about it unless we get an email.

The simple fact is attention is so divided these days that the maximum opportunity we give ourselves to communicate with our customers or potential customers, the better.

Rainmaker Lifestyle List Building

For Rainmaker Lifestyle, Building an Email List is the lifeblood of business success for anyone who is building a business online. It allows you to build relationships with your clients. learn about the problems they’re experiencing and accumulate repeat sales over time. The problem is that Building an Email List is also the area that most people struggle with the most.

With a little practice and some basic skill learning a person can master the art of putting up a WordPress blog, creating products or even writing sales copy. The process of Building an Email List as a key to your success is the same but different.

That requires all these efforts as well as some creative thinking and often courage.
I have seen so many different people completely freeze in one of the following areas.
1. They never do anything at all.
2. They start on Building an Email List but get scared to death in sending an email to their subscribers because they “Don’t want to bug them”
3. They build a list, send one email and say “This doesn’t work”

Then just as I am getting into the meat of this discussion, I am approaching one thousand words and that is enough for my attention span and I am assuming most of those who are reading this would be reaching the end of theirs so I will leave part one about Building an Email List here, but I have set below the Table of Contents on what we are going to be going through in the rest of the series. I hope you have enjoyed this journey so far.


1)   Introduction…. Covered in Part One

2)   Rainmaker Lifestyle and First steps to successful List Building

3)   When in Doubt Follow What the Successful Do

4)   Which Niche is right for you
5)   What Tools do You Need To Succeed

       – Auto-responder
       – Domain Name
       – Squeeze Page
6)   Creating Your Free Offer
7)   Creating The Ultimate Sales Funnel
8)   Creating the Free Gift Download Page
9)   How To Build Your One-Time Offer
10) Adding a High-Dollar Upsell to Maximize Your Profits
11) Setting up the Autoresponder
12) Rainmaker Lifestyle and Getting Started
13) Constant Content
14) Mastering the List
15) Setting Up Your Awesome Squeeze Page
16) Instant Traffic Methods You Need To Know

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