A Great One Time Offer

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A Great One Time Offer.

So once you’ve created your download page it’s time to put together your one time offer. This is the opportunity to provide extra value and It’s basically a more comprehensive offer than the free gift you already showed them.

At Rainmaker Lifestyle I strive to offer value and a solution based One Time Offer that needs to be in the same niche and closely related to what they just opted in to. If you are giving away a report on how to grow tomatoes quickly, then you want to make sure that your One Time Offer is going to be related to gardening.

Now, that’s not necessarily niche that I recommend you go into, but my point is that you want to keep the One Time Offer related to the product they already received. I don’t think tomato growers are desperate 😉

Your One Time Offer should either be a product that you created or a very high-quality PLR product. PLR stands for Private Label Rights, meaning you have the ability to put your own name on it and even change it. You should not be using an affiliate offer here. You want to have your own product, even if it’s PLR so it was mostly created by someone else.

Focused on Building an Email List.

At Rainmaker Lifestyle building an email list is a key to success so all your actions need to be focused on that process through every step in your marketing. Now, if you are going to use PLR, and I definitely recommend using PLR as a base, make sure you change both the sales page and the content itself just to make it seem more unique.

A few good options are to get some new graphics for it Fiverr or similar places work well for this), personalize the sales letter, and edit some of the content to suit your own style. The problem with PLR is that there’s a lot of PLR content out there that isn’t worth reading, let alone selling.

Stick with high quality content if you’re using PLR. The best source I know of is Resell-Rights-Weekly, but you can check out other sources as well. Keep in mind that if you have a low-priced One Time Offer, your product doesn’t have to be very elaborate. It can just be a 20 page report or a few short videos. The focus is to have it be something that provides a lot of value and helps the person solve their problem.

Something To Keep in Mind About a One Time Offer.

Something else to keep in mind with the One Time Offer is that it should be worth several times what you’re asking for it. So if you’re only asking for $7, it should be worth at least $27. That’s because you want this to seem like a great deal, not just something you put in front of them to make a few bucks.

To be honest, most people will NOT buy your One Time Offer. However, if your front end free gift has great value in it this will springboard peoples trust and many more will take your One Time Offer. If they don’t, that’s fine, because it shouldn’t be in your business plan for this to be a major revenue generator.

After all, you’re building an email list, which will allow you to generate sales for years to come as long as you treat your subscribers right …but when people do buy that One Time Offer, there’s a good way to see if they want even more from you. The way to do that is with a high-ticket upsell.

Adding a High-Dollar Upsell to Maximize Your Profits.

Having a high-dollar upsell in place allows you to really ramp up your business. When you have an offer that’s priced at, $97, $297 or even over $1,000 that converts well, you are able to make more money per visitor to your website. So (for example) instead of making say $1 per visitor, maybe now you make $10/ visitor. That means that as long as you spend less than $10 per person you have coming to your website, you make a profit. This is huge. And this is a must!!

That’s why most people who have been in this game for a while say that you MUST have high-ticket items.
Nobody makes a living selling $5 information products all day. Instead, you use these inexpensive products to build a customer base, and then some of those customers will invest higher amounts of money to solve their problems.

One Time Offer

Remember this…
Around 80% of your life changing profits in your business will come from about 20% of your customers who become raving fans and buy your high-ticket items.
There isn’t a company today that has been around more than 10 years who doesn’t have multiple high-ticket products to offer their existing customers.
Every one of us can relate to the upsell/upgrade process with the many companies we have all dealt with. It is the upgrades that make the real money for these companies, and they have systems which allow them to know exactly what it costs to acquire a customer and what that customer is worth to them in the long-term.

A Friend’s Story!

A friend of Rainmaker Lifestyle shares his story on just how successful companies like Apple are at getting us to spend more and more money with them. If you ever want to see the reason why building an email list is a key to success it is clearly demonstrated in this story:

“I talk about it some more here on video in your members area. It is called an ascension model I was a “Microsoft” guy for life. Then I got my first iPhone and LOVED it. This convinced me to get my first Mac Book Pro laptop. I loved it!… Now my office is filled with over $30 000 in Apple products. It is estimated that it costs Apple $480 dollars to get a new customer. If I got the Iphone only they would have lost money. But now they made a small fortune from me and that is AWESOME. I love Apple! I took all their high-ticket products and I was happy and proud to do so!”    Joel

Your Customers First Choice is to Buy From You.

Remember, customers first choice is to buy from you. But if you do not offer an upsell or a One Time Offer they will get it from someone else.
Some of the best high-dollar upsells are high-end training or coaching, exclusive membership sites, and services. And keep in mind that these don’t need to be yours.

Unlike the One Time Offer, it’s actually a great idea to act as an affiliate for these high- end items. That’s because you may not be considered an industry expert yet, but as an affiliate you can network with experts, help your clients’ AND make some money in the process. It’s a win-win-win situation.
If you can’t find a high-dollar product, you could bundle together several different products into one larger package.

For example, you can bundle together several high-quality PLR products, give them completely new, unique graphics and edit the content (and by “edit” I mean take out the fluff and add in some more of the useful stuff!) Now you’ve got a high-ticket offer to sell your customers.

The trick with high-ticket offers is that you still want to make the customer feel like they’re getting the better end of the deal. So, if a product costs $100, they should see the real value as more like $500 or $1,000. That’s not easy to do, which is partially why copywriters get paid so much for their craft.

Convince People to Take Action.

Offer bonus after bonus after bonus to convince people to take action. These bonuses should be offered with very limited time to create a sense of urgency and to get your prospect to make a decision. However, if you say your product cost is going to double at midnight and the bonuses will be gone make sure you honor that. It’s hard to do, as you see sales flow in you want to keep creating the same urgency again and again.

NO!! Stick to your increase in price. Then when you create a One Time Offer for a new product watch what happens. WOW.. the sales will flow even more It will train your customers to TAKE ACTION NOW because the price increase and the sense of urgency is real.

Another key to doing this is to help the person see the long-term benefits of the investment. Guide them towards understanding that the $100 investment now could help them generate a full-time income, lose 50 pounds or gain some other huge benefit over time.

Does This All Sound too Much?

If this all sounds like too much, that’s okay. You don’t necessarily need a high-ticket item, or even a One Time Offer to get started in list building. Just keep in mind that without promoting a paid product upfront, it will take longer for your business to become profitable. Plus, if you wait too long to begin promoting paid products or services, your subscribers may have gotten used to getting free content 100% of the time, and not want to invest any money.

As far as the next step goes, let’s move onto setting up your autoresponder. Now that you have your free offer download page, your One Time Offer and (maybe) a high ticket item up and ready for sale, you can set up your autoresponder to begin collecting emails.  I will see you in part 8 of how building an email list is a key to success.